Athena – Exclusive live interview with Matias Boucard, Myron Mance, and Lara Perrotte

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Hello everyone and welcome back to this new quick-article-update!

Do you remember the Athena movie and the incredible behind-the-scenes moments? Do you recall our friends and early contributors from FilmmakersWorld: Matias Boucard, Myron Mance, and Lara Perotte?

A few weeks ago, we thought of editing the Athena livestream we did on Instagram right after the film’s release, making it more accessible on our YouTube channel in two parts.

Here, with the help of some media support, you can relive those behind-the-scenes, and understand some steps and technical choices the crew made under the masterful direction of Romain Gavras.

Enjoy it and don’t miss to read below for more technical info!

Shot in ALEXA 65 and ALEXA LF with a combination of TRIBE7 binaries and Bespoke provided by RVZ, with the 30mm Leitz Cine Thalia and Angenieux zoom lens FF.
SmallHD monitors are used to see the frame from multiple angles on the FreeFly Systems MoviPro Drones provided by Full Motion.

Credits of Athena:

Directed by: Romain Gavras
Written by: Romain Gavras, Ladj Ly, Elias Belkeddar
Produced by Iconoclast: Charles-Marie Anthonioz, Mourad Belkeddar, Jean Duhamel, Nicolas Lhermitte Produced by Ladj Ly and Romain Gavras
Director of Photography: Matias Boucard
Original Music: Gener8ion Editor: Benjamin Weill
Production Designer: Arnaud Roth
Costume Designer: Noémie Veissier
Starring: Dali Benssalah (Abdel), Sami Slimane (Karim), Anthony Bajon (Jérôme), Ouassini Embarek (Moktar), Alexis Manenti (Sébastien)

Filmmaking Crew: Lara Perrotte – Focus Puller
Myron Mance – Gimbal Operator
Aymeric Colas – Steadicam Operator
Seb Grasso – Grip
Benjamin Lavayssiere – Drone Pilot
Conseil Travelling Cascade
Arno Roth – Set Designer and many others.

All the chaos was organized by @aminharfouch @viddalocca25 the amazing AD team, they had to synchronize also with a police truck on fire made by @morganedemetrau


We hope you enjoyed this live stream and short recap, we are working aways more and more into this web magazine, aiming to make it the go-to place for inspiration and in-depth stories from the unique tales and behind-the-scenes we gather from our digital communities, primarily our Instagram channel (which will celebrate its 9th birthday in May!).

We put all our passion and commitment into this, and we also wanted to take this opportunity to thank all our contributors (whom you’ll see featured one by one here in our magazine) who create, capture, and provide exclusive content that we then rework and share with our community.

Without them and the daily work of the FilmmakersWorld team, this community wouldn’t exist.

Stay tuned, more articles and exclusive works are in the pipeline 🙂
If you missed the latest, check it out.

Much love
FilmmakersWorld Team

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