Behind the scenes and breakdown of the commercial film for Salomon Directed by Morgan Le Faucheur

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Check out this behind-the-scenes and breakdown of this commercial film x Salomon Directed by Morgan Le Faucheur @morganlefaucheur with the multi-talented team Almofilm

Morgan Le Faucheur

We created an imaginary 3D lab to highlight their new blade technology and shot 3 different shoes in their environment. We shot outside in the dirt, we shot in the streets and also climbed some rocks.

Millions S/O to the team for hours in the studio, sweating outside and the endless postproduction work

We had to Showcase three different shoes with a common Lab universe.

An imaginary 3d lab for the commercial film directed by Morgan Le Faucheur

So we started with a bunch of meetings with the Agency Wide and came back with a deck to present the film.

After many phone calls and emails, we could go to the next step which is the making of a good old storyboard to make sure we are all talking about the same film!

We’ve crafted with our friends at Atelier Craft, an original laboratory desk to showcase the Blade technology.

Then we created a full 3D render of our scene.

We quickly got Hugo, our VFX supervisor depressed with all the numbers of layers to produce the lab scene.

Spent more than 70 hours playing with the Mr Moco Bolt at Lema’s studio.

Morgan Le Faucheur

And then?

We did some cool invisible cuts, in-camera playing with the mirror to connect with the outside scenes.

We also played with a Laowa macro lens to go a bit more in detail and highlight the Blade tech.

The bolts allowed us to play with the motion and repeat, so we thought it would be fun to play with two bolts and have our shoes outside finishing its run on the lab desk.

Also produced some sick CGI animation with the homie at Wide to empower even more what the tech is all about.

Behind the scenes and breakdown commercial salomon

We wanted to feel the camera on the ground and go from the lab to the outside in the blink of an eye, so we used our homemade Plexi box to create that cool effect.

It was time to go outside in the street around some sick buildings and also in nature to capture the shoes in action.

Spent hours doing it with the boys, sweating a lot and running after some fast dudes!

Morgan Le Faucheur

Last but not least, we got our men JB to produce a strong soundtrack so you really want to buy that shoes!

Many hours and days later, the campaign was ready to hit the internet and your Instagram!

Thanks for the awesome contribution to Morgan Le Faucheur and the whole team and see you at @filmmakersworld for our daily content routine 🙂

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