Filmmakers World 2023’s Top Highlights: A Look Back at the Year’s Best Projects

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A few days ago, during a brainstorming session, we reflected on the power of this digital tool: our Filmmakersworld web magazine. It allows us to permanently and easily host the coolest and most important works we share daily on our social communities, primarily on Instagram, enhancing the search experience.

Often, people reach out to us to find a specific work we shared some time ago, and this research is not always easy to do. From now on, we will dedicate a section of the magazine to regularly feature the ‘Top Content of the Month’.

We’ve also come to realize that for nearly seven years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to curating a unique editorial line. Over time, this has organically evolved through numerous collaborations with professionals in our industry into what we call a unique process of Co-Creation of the editorial line.


What started as a passion project, driven by extensive online research for extraordinary cinematic works, quickly evolved into a global research venture. This journey resulted in the creation of a portal for all passionate creatives and filmmakers like us.

Professionals from around the world have been eager to share the works they’re most proud of and have contributed to, and we’ve strived to create a unique experience for everyone.

To sum it up: Over roughly 2555 days, we’ve curated and shared more than 5500 pieces of content, and countless daily stories, developed unique formats, hosted live Q&As and ON SET sessions, organized meetups, and participated in major trade shows where the community was always part of this journey.


We invite you to explore our communities on Instagram, TikTok, and our YouTube channel, if you haven’t already. On each platform, you will find a selection of content where Hollywood legends and top-tier professionals have shared their journeys with us. 

Don’t forget to subscribe to our forthcoming newsletter for regular updates on the inspiring stories we plan to feature in our dedicated section, “FW Stories.”

Before we wrap up, look back at some of the coolest projects we shared in 2023 (semi-chronological / random order).

Stay tuned for April’s top picks!

Athena with Matias Boucard, Myron Mance and Lara Perotte > 

GetSupernatural – Meta – Directed by Neels Castillon >

Sympathy for the Devil – Steven Holleran  

Arizona – Moving On. Directed by OWEN BROWN >

Netflix – Maestro Exclusive >

Division Global [BTS] @charli_xcx | Von Dutch Directed by, Produced by >


Salomon – WelcomeBackToEarth Super Bowl

Rowan Biddiscombe >

Riccardo Suriano >

Canteen Works – Nescafè >

Jay Bird – Atomic City >

Peter Kuhtz >

Sony Pro Filmmaking – Burano Exclusive Launch >

[Bts + final] ‘Trust Journey’ – Justin Brown >

Sony Future Filmmaker Awards 1st edition FW – Badasskid Coverage
Black Beauty – David Procter – Ashley Avis >

Elication – Run away >

Virtual Production – Ian Isak >

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