FilmmakersWorld at Cine Gear Expo 2024: A Detailed Recap

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This year, we hit up “The Cine Gear Expo 2024” at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles from June 7-9! 🎬✨ The show was massive, and the locations were absolutely WOW! As one of the major global trade shows, Cine Gear Expo proved once again to be a vibrant confluence of cutting-edge technology, creativity, and industry networking. Here’s an inside look at what made this year’s expo truly epic. 👀🌟

Technological Innovations and Exhibits

This year’s expo featured over 270 exhibitors, showcasing the latest advancements in filmmaking technology. We created a flashy recap video for a quick sneak peek of the show.

Below, you’ll find more text information about some of the booths we visited and the workshops we attended. The event was fantastic, but it was pretty impossible to check and follow everything in just a couple of days.

Here we go with some of the booths and highlights:

  • Radiant Images displayed their cutting-edge imaging technologies, pushing the boundaries of virtual production and high-resolution capture. They designed solutions in ultra-high resolution from 12K up to 20K. They were in good company with the team of Filmotechnic which presented an impressive lineup of camera cars and stabilization equipment, including the new Mercedes-Benz GLE AMG 63S camera car with the U-CRANE 6 and Flight Head 6S.
  • Aputure showcased its latest lighting innovations, including the Sidus ecosystem and various products from its INFINIMATs series. We also enjoyed doing a live stream with President Ted Sim, who gave an energetic and quick overview of their products.
  • MRMC we met the amazing Garion Gilchrist and the whole team, and we had the privilege to do a live demo with their ecosystem. It was super exciting, and in just a few minutes, we were able to set up the entire scene and see it in action! You’re probably all aware of the recent merger with Red Digital Cinema—now we’re all curious to see what they’ll create together with the Nikon and MRMC teams.
  • Xm2 Cine Here we met Tucker Costello who demonstrated their aerial cinematography solutions, featuring drones and other UAVs equipped with the latest camera technology. Cool energy as usual and if you don’t know who they’re, check what we recently posted on our feed about John Wick 4
  • Sony highlighted their newest cameras and imaging solutions and hosted several significant events, including a live taping of the ASC Clubhouse Conversations. This session featured Director of Photography Sam McCurdy, ASC, BSC, discussing his work on the FX series “Shogun”.
  • CineFlares with Markus Forderer ASC showed their unique motion-controlled lens test database, providing filmmakers with a fantastic resource to learn about lens characteristics and discover new lenses to enhance visual storytelling.  
    CINEFLARES also presented a panel with esteemed cinematographers Ed Lachman ASC and Polly Morgan ASC BSC, discussing their creative lens choices on recent projects.
    Markus Forderer was also the instructor of the official Cinegear Masterclass, which was incredible as usual!
Emanuele Giannini and Cinematographer Markus Forderer
  • Easy Rig After the great success of its launch at NAB, Easyrig returns to showcase its new Boom Rig, a lightweight and portable Easyrig for all sound engineers and boom operators.
  • Creative Solutions showcased cutting-edge products from Teradek, SmallHD, Wooden Camera, and Lightstream. Teradek featured their Bolt series for wireless video transmission and the RT CTRL.5 lens control system, SmallHD presented high-bright, high-resolution monitors known for color accuracy, Wooden Camera displayed versatile camera accessories, and Lightstream demonstrated advanced live streaming tools.
  • Flanders Scientific introduced their XMP310, a groundbreaking 31.5″ UHD QD-OLED HDR/SDR reference monitor, ideal for high-end color grading workflows.
  • Astera launched their new LeoFresnel and PlutoFresnel lights, offering versatile lighting options with reduced weight and energy consumption.

Screenings and Awards

The Steven J. Ross Theater hosted several key events:

  • A special screening of “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” was a major highlight, followed by the VIP Reception and Awards Ceremony.
  • Honors included the Legacy Lifetime Achievement Award to Sir Roger Deakins ASC, BSC, CBE, and the Visionary Award to Rodrigo Prieto ASC, AMC.

Educational Panels, Master Classes, Parties and Special Events

Cine Gear Expo 2024 featured a range of exciting events and parties, offering ample networking opportunities and showcasing the latest in film technology.

One iconic event was the party organized by Cinematography Salon. This gathering brought together cinematographers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts for an evening of networking and discussions about the latest trends and innovations in cinematography​.

The expo offered a rich schedule of educational panels and master classes:

  • Notable sessions included presentations by RED, Sony, Canon, Blackmagic, Panasonic LUMIX, AbelCine, and the American Film Institute. We couldn’t follow all of them simultaneously as the location was very big, and unfortunately, some of these events were scheduled very close to each other. However, we were lucky enough to attend the one organized by RED featuring legends such as Jeff Cronenweth, ASC; Erik Messerschmidt, ASC; and Wally Pfister, ASC, BSC, DGA: The Influence of Music Videos and Commercials.
Emanuele Giannini, Founder of FilmmakersWorld, and Cinematographer Wally Pfister (Inception, Memento, The Dark Knight)
  • Aputure hosted several educational panels focused on the expandability of the INFINIMATs and the innovative Sidus ecosystem, which is revolutionizing lighting control.

    For sure one of the most interesting we attended was: The Future of Lighting and Collaboration” moderated by Tim Kang and with: Justin Talley: ASC Associate Member and Virtual Production Supervisor at ILM StageCraft, Tom Howard: Rigging Lighting Programmer (Ahsoka, The Mandalorian S1-3), Jeff Webster: CLT (Ahsoka, The Mandalorian S1-3), Derek Hoffman: Lighting Programmer (Ahsoka, The Mandalorian S1-3).

    This panel featured industry experts discussing the integration of emerging technologies in lighting and visual effects, focusing on their impact on the future of motion picture production​.
  • Dialogue with ASC Cinematographers: Cinematographers such as Alice Brooks, Adam Bricker, Edu Grau, and Sam McCurdy discussed their careers and techniques.
  • The Art & Science of Camera Motion: Hosted by Local 600, this panel featured industry veterans like Roberto Schaefer and Chris Haarhoff, discussing the technical and creative aspects of camera movement in modern filmmaking.
  • Women Camera Operators of Unscripted: This panel highlighted the experiences of female camera operators in the unscripted TV and film industry, featuring Shanele Alvarez, Sharra Romany, and others. They shared their challenges and successes, inspiring future generations of female filmmakers​.

Looking Ahead

The success of Cine Gear Expo 2024 sets a high bar for next year’s event, already scheduled for June 5-8, 2025. The anticipation is building for another round of groundbreaking technology showcases insightful panels, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

See you next year there fam, or maybe earlier at IBC 2024 and/or Camerimage 🙂
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Much love
FilmmakersWorld Team

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