Filmmakersworld x Restarts Studio on the WINGS & WHEELS Project, with Sony, Manfrotto, and RedBull.

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A Whirlwind of Adrenaline:

In the vibrant heart of Spain, the Volrace event hosted a spectacular project with Horacio Cabilla and Restarts Studio, that brought together the thrill of high-speed drifting and the grace of aerial acrobatics. The stars of this incredible adventure were two exceptional athletes: Kuba Prigonski, Red Bull driver, and Horacio Llorens, six-time world champion in paragliding.

This unique collaboration with Sony, Manfrotto, and Redbull, resulted in a breathtaking visual experience captured in an exhilarating and dynamic video.

Horacio Llorens and Jakub Przygoński after the exhibition in Volrace. Restarts Studio

The Protagonists:

Kuba Prigonski

Renowned for his extraordinary drifting skills, is a top driver for the Red Bull team. His career is decorated with numerous victories in drifting and rally championships, establishing him as one of the best drivers on the international scene.

Horacio Llorens

With an impressive record of six world championships in paragliding, is a legend in his field. His ability to perform complex aerial maneuvers with grace and precision makes him a unique and admired athlete worldwide.

Taking a Step Back for More Context

But let’s take a step back. It was early May when Horacio Cabilla (Restarts Studio) called us with an exciting proposal. He wanted Filmmakersworld to be the media partner for his upcoming project, featuring these fantastic brands. Our response? A resounding YES!

At Restarts Studio in Barcelona

We quickly booked our tickets to Barcelona and joined the Restarts Studio team, diving straight into the first operational meeting. With the determination of a true leader, Horacio defined tasks and timelines for his team with precision.

From there, we all headed to Valencia to kick off this incredible project at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, a venue known for hosting the final race of the MotoGP season and numerous other high-profile motorsport events. The circuit, designed so spectators can see the entire track from the stands, has become a benchmark in motorsport since its inauguration in 1999​.

The entire project unfolded within the event, requiring us to adapt to its schedule. On numerous occasions, the Restarts Studio team had only one shot to capture the amazing footage, you can see in this video below.

The Project

This one-of-a-kind project required meticulous planning and exceptional skill to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of the event. The team from Restarts Studio often had only one shot to capture breathtaking footage, making the most of every opportunity.

To ensure maximum quality and agility in filming, Horacio and his team of eight chose the new Sony Burano as their main camera. With E-mount and G Master lenses, they were able to capture the perfect shot quickly and precisely, adapting swiftly to each situation.

Behind the scenes

For those who want a behind-the-scenes look, there’s also a TikTok video that shows how these incredible shots were made. Here Horacio tells us all the phases of the project.


[Behind the scenes] of “WINGS & WHEELS” ⚡️ Where sky and earth meld into one. In case you missed the film about the feat of the Red Bull athletes @Horacio Llorens and @Kuba Przygonski combining two unique disciplines: Drifting & Paragliding, go check the @horaciocabilla wall, and enjoy it! So proud of being part of this exciting project in Spain, thank you Horacio for inviting us! . Directed by @horaciocabilla Produced by @restartsstudio Powered by @Sony Europe & @manfrottoimaginemore Supported by @filmmakersworld . Film Crew: Creative director & editor @gonzalorielo | Producer Leila Cherifi | Camera B @ialdun | Camera grip @martimdn | Assistant Camera @martindesousaph | Drones . #behindthescenes #filmmaking #cinematography

♬ original sound – filmmakersworld

Special thanks

To Horacio Cabilla & Restarts Studio, Sony, Manfrotto and RedBull

A special thanks goes to Horacio Cabilla, the entire team at Restarts Studio, and all the event partners: Sony, Red Bull, and Manfrotto, for making this fantastic cocktail of emotions possible. Thank you for involving us in this unforgettable adventure, which successfully blended technology, sports, and creativity into a unique visual experience.

This adventure has once again demonstrated how collaboration between top brands and high-level athletes can create extraordinary projects that inspire and captivate the audience.

Stay tuned to for more exciting stories and if you missed our latest magazine piece, go check it out!

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