Live on Set “Formula Supra” with Race Service & Ryan Tuerck

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From wrapping the shoot to having a video live in 24 hours!

This is the Formula Supra @hytebrand with legendary Pro drifter @ryantuerck , produced by Race Service.

We did three small live streams on Instagram with @emagiannini of Filmmakersworld and the Co-Host and photographer @taylorbrobbins from Race Service and at some point, we thought it was great to share a highlight of that day in a Youtube episode!

Here you can find a video we launched on Instagram and TikTok with the killer edit and touch of the editor Angus Emmerson and below you can find the Youtube live edit and the credits of the team.

In case you missed it, check out our new blog here

Have fun and stay tuned for the next blog fam!


[Throwback Thursday] From wrapping the shoot to having a video live in 24 hours! enjoy the whole episode on our link in bio 🎬❤️‍🔥 This is the Formula Supra 🏎️ @hytebrand Client: iBuyPower Pro drifter @ryantuerck Production @race.service Co – Host and Photographer @taylorbrobbins President @jacobchills Ex. Producer Andy Lauptka Ex. Producer @carterjung Line Producer @ozozmens Associate Producer @sjparrk Director Ryan Davis Dp Sam Nalvin Video editor @angusemmerson Photographer Chase cam @larry_chen_foto Cam op @_gabewilson BTS director A cam @alexvivian Camera op @jorgervmos Photographer @thvddeus @yaer_one @driftidiot @gordongeorgi …and many more Full credit on the yotube description 🎬 #filmmakersworld #raceservice #filmmaking #videoediting

♬ original sound – filmmakersworld
Youtube Episode

Race Service is a cross-media creative agency with a forward-looking approach to content creation and an eye to the changing tide of social media. We are housed in a creative garage space that acts as a hub – connecting artists, innovators, industry insiders, and brands around a shared passion for contemporary car culture.

Client: iBuyPower
Ryan Tuerck: Pro Drifter
Hyte: Computer/Passenger
Production: Race Service
President/EP: Jacob Agajanian
Executive Producer: Andy Laputka
Executive Producer: Carter Jung
Director: Ryan Davis
DP: Sam Nalvin
Line Producer: Oz Ozmen
Associate Producer: SJ Park
Camera Op: Jorge Ramos
Camera Op: Gabriel Wilson
BTS Director / A Cam: Alex Vivian
Editor: Angus Emmerson
AC/DIT: Max Prada
Photographers: Thad James, Taylor Robbins, Lydia Harper
Photographer/Chase Cam: Larry Chen
Hyte Photographer: Jeffrey Andongo
FPV Drone: Sammie Saing, Joshua Ewalt, Charles Mcmurren
Production Assistant: Gordon Georgi
Larry’s Production Assistant: Israel Kapper
Production Coordinator: Eric Ronn
Production Assistants: Masato DiSanto, Tiffany Clare, Alejandra Garcia
Larry’s Cam: Tyler Rapper
Street Sweeper: SweepCo
Water Truck: Santana Water Truck
Location: Tejon Ranch

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