Live on set with director Éli Sokhn – RINGER music video – artist Hilary Roberts

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Ringer, a super cool music video directed by Éli Sokhn (on Instagram @Elication), a visionary director, a good friend, and a long-time contributor at FilmmakersWorld.

For Ringer, we follow Eli LIVE ON SET and see the whole process as it unfolds in front of us in real time.

Éli Sokhn “This Ringer music video has been a crazy wild ride.. In a great way of course!”

For the Ringer music video, creatively and technically everyone was pushed to the limits throughout a 2-day shoot and a fast turnaround; from production @souqilaith @ctpredaportraits my DP @doug.e.porter and his team @slavkoskydp @rj_herndon @idia13, techno crane @elitecamerasupport make up @shaina_makeupfx @brittanyyynicole @fainafx wardrobe @miss_kellyjohnson and of course our VFX team and color by @ty.roth @company_3

Thanks to everyone behind the scenes for making this challenging shoot a fun one!!

Éli Sokhn

Enjoy the Live Stream

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Much love
FilmmakersWorld Team

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