Live on set with Matias Boucard & Myron Mance – HUMANKIND SEGA

When I receive the first time script of ” Humankind” from @romain_chassing I knew that was really challenging work. I had to find the right balance between the light design and the camera movement, to be able to tell the story in one continuous movement. We had to mix a lot of different technic on set.

I immediately call @myron_mance to join the crew, I knew it was the one to be able to run fast with precision. Was such a fun shot! And again I learn a lot from this one!

I decide to use Sony Venice with the Rialto because I really want to stay light and use Myron and is MōVI to keep the organic feeling. Because all the shot was in movement and only shot in 50 Fps I had to shot at 45 degrees shutter to avoid the motion blur.

I set the camera at 2500 asa and use the 28mm master anamorphic to be able to get a wide-angle without too much distortion. Each film is a prototype, so you have to build the best combo for it.

Matias Boucard Cinematographer

Enjoy the Live Stream we did in multiple sessions with him at NuBoyana Studios and stay tuned for more @Filmmakersworld