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Hey! Welcome to the FilmmakersWorld’s Magazine! After 5 years of daily work (0 days off) crafting our filmmaking community on social media IG & TikTok – with unique and fresh filmmaking content – it’s finally time to extend the FilmmakersWorld experience on our new brand digital Blog!

Here you will find the most inspirational and valuable filmmaking content selected by our team, with some news about Film Gears, a fresh touch of VFX, selected examples of Color Grading, and other little variations in our world, that we usually do to keep a fresh touch and don’t get you bored 🙂

Our mission and main goal are always to create a unique experience – thanks to exclusive content from the most prominent filmmakers and film sets around the world – but we will keep an eye daily also from the community, selecting the dopest content under our Tag and Hashtag #filmmakersworld.

Check one of the best compilations of content of our community!

Tomorrow you will find our 1st new fresh article by Johnny Derango about Fatman, it’s a really interesting “Lighting Breakdown”, we hope you will enjoy it! … and our team is already working on the edit of our latest “Live On Set” and translating the best piece of content to for a new cool piece of Blog 🙂

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