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In this ship's kitchen, a mysterious seaman cooks plastic-contaminated fish meals. The dramatic plastic pollution of our oceans.

The Mysteries of “Along Came Ruby” Unveiled: An In-depth Exploration

In a post-apocalyptic world, Ruby embarks on a treacherous journey west in search of her older brother Henry. Along the way, she encounters an enigmatic old woman who holds secrets of the past. In the vast landscape of cinema, the post-apocalyptic genre has witnessed numerous interpretations. Yet, "Along Came Ruby" emerges as a novel spectacle.

Conversation with DP Paul Yee on Reality

“Am I going to jail tonight,” calmly asks Reality Winner (excellently portrayed by Sydney Sweeney), an American intelligence specialist, who served a prison sentence for the unauthorized release of government information to the media about Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections via an email operation. Based on the FBI interrogation transcript of the fateful day of Reality’s arrest, Tina Satter’s film powerfully brings that day to life as we experience the heart-wrenching events from Reality’s perspective.  Filmmakers World caught up with DP Paul Yee about his work on the film. By Oliver Webb

Behind The Scenes with DP Nick Morris: The Allianz Campaign starring Christoph Waltz

Today we had a little chat with our British friend Nick Morris. He has been the DP of various big commercials among others for...

Underwater Cinematography: Q&A with director and cinematographer Gerry Blaksley

https://youtu.be/sRQnpAVzwpE A nice conversation on "Underwater Cinematography" between Emanuele Giannini, founder of @filmmakersworld, and the Director and Dop Gerry Blaksley before and after an underwater...