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Waterproof FPV Shot – Behind The Scenes

The director Ilanna Barkusky had the opportunity to use the FPV to film the dive of an Olympic swimmer, Katrina Young.

Underwater footage, challenging production and post-production – How OLGA directors manage their works from the initial process to the final delivery of a very...

In this film for O Boticário, the duo introduces the brand’s new fragrance with intricate production, using underwater footage, various contraptions, and post-production effects.

Underwater Cinematography: Q&A with director and cinematographer Gerry Blaksley

https://youtu.be/sRQnpAVzwpE A nice conversation on "Underwater Cinematography" between Emanuele Giannini, founder of @filmmakersworld, and the Director and Dop Gerry Blaksley before and after an underwater...