Underwater Cinematography Live Q&A With Director and Cinematographer Gerry Blaksley on FilmmakersWorld

A nice conversation on “Underwater Cinematography” between Emanuele Giannini, founder of @filmmakersworld, and the Director and Dop Gerry Blaksley before and after an underwater session at Deep Dive Dubai, the deepest pool in the world.

Gerry – with 7 years of experience as a director at Dubai Film – is renowned for his work on Jetman, Fittest in Dubai and We’re on Top of the World for Emirates. Blaksley has made his name in Dubai film with spectacular films in and about Dubai, receiving global attention and helping promote the city as one of the top destinations in the world.

He has a decorative career, having worked with numerous celebrities such as Will Smith, Tom Cruise, and Lionel Messi as well as prestigious brands around the world, such as Paramount, Mercedes, Red Bull, and finally, Sony, for which he is an ambassador.

Gerry Blaksley Showreel x Dubai Film

In our live stream, Gerry shared with us some interesting tips and tricks on “how to shoot” underwater, giving us suggestions on the best tools and ways to achieve some results in that scenario, and told us more about his favorite kit for this kind of job!

He spoke also about his training to be able to dive in for long sessions, we know that from the “user” perspective, watching some incredible pieces of footage, could seem an easy thing, but it requires “cinematography skills” and also a perfect body preparation and a lot of training.

What we love the most about Gerry is the positive and professional approach to his work and his attitude is so visible also when he speaks about the team at Dubai Film where he was able to grow up as a filmmaker among many professionals.

Special thanks to Gerry, Dubai Film, and Deep Dive Dubai for this gem and for adding value to our community, if you are interested in more, below you can find the link to their Instagram profiles!


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